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Experienced Montessori & Chinese Language Immersion
is #1 at our Bilingual Preschool 

Designed for the Success of Children in the Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, CA Area


English - Chinese - Spanish

Weekly Schedule


Fun and practical methods that make language immersion a reality!

Chinese Number Character Association

This student is four years old and has been enrolled in our program for five months.


She has learned to recognize the Chinese number characters association during circle time. She developed this concept in less than a month.

Recognizing Months in Chinese Characters

This student is four years old and has been enrolled in our program for five months.

This student has no Chinese background. She has learned to comprehend the twelve months in the Chinese characters.

Reading both Chinese and Spanish Materials

This is one of our students who is three years old and has been in our program for 6 months. The student has not been exposed to Mandarin before.

He can identify and read each Chinese character. He also reads English materials. He is exceptional in reading Spanish materials from our program.

Singing the Chinese Mother's Day Song in Mandarin

This student is 2 years old and has been enrolled in our program for three months. He has no Chinese background.

At home, the student sang the Chinese Mother’s Day song five times for his parents. They recorded him singing and brought it in to show our staff.

The Parent's Note:


The first time we heard him sing, Kevin and I were shocked! We thought "there's no way he can be singing in Mandarin this soon after starting at Beyond Montessori!" So we just watched quietly in amazement the first time and were so surprised to see him doing the hand movements along with the song. When he finished we cheered as loud and as enthusiastically as we could! We were so proud! It motivated him to see how happy we were so he sang the song four more times!

We recorded it because we couldn't wait to share it with our family and friends.

Every time we watch and listen to him sing we have that exact same feeling of pride that we did the first time.

Thank you so much for working so diligently with the kids! We can't wait to watch them all continue to grow, learn and develop together! We couldn't be happier!


- Teyonna

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