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Meet the Team

Our Educators


Ms. Sophia

Program Director

My commitment is extended further by incorporating the green concept and have children of all ages, from toddler to pre-kindergarten, participate in cooking and repurposing items with the staff; this is when creativity happens. 


Ms. Li


I am very happy to be part of Beyond Montessori family and feel lucky to work with such a great group of individuals! 


Ms. Emma


My children have strongly encouraged and influenced me to become an educator. They said that I can help more children and support them to be as excellent as themselves.I too, also believe in myself in this aspect! I ended up really liking it here, as I get to see the growth of all the children here as a positive result from a tight and strong staff relation!

Headshot_ Ms. Michelle

Ms. Amy


I’m thankful for the opportunity, flexibility, and blessings of working with children. It is my passion to teach, train, encourage, and help them to learn, grow, and develop!


I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your child.


Ms. Paige


This school program truly offers a unique language program, hence why I decided to teach here. But, what shocked me most is that the staff here are all on the same page. 

Not only making the personal flow for myself at school more fluid and understandable. It also ensures that the children at the school are sought after with consistency!


Mr. Anthony


Beyond Montessori Preschool makes the commitment to provide the real-life curriculum that a young child needs. 

I strive to give the best attention and care for every single child here. I believe that respect goes both ways, thus, making my end-goal to deliver the most fun and exciting experience the kids will have here at Beyond.


Ms. Michelle


We all value and put the children's education and growth first! Another great aspect is that we also teach the classes what it means to be environmentally friendly. 

I dearly hold the students at Beyond with the highest effort in terms of ensuring their values are heard!


Ms. Giselle


Beyond Montessori's curriculum provides me with the chance to help the children to be well-rounded in their education. 


Ms. Norma


I have been teaching for a very long time. More than two decades. In fact, this is one of the programs that makes me fell like HOME. I am sure that others feel the same, this comes with reason. 

The reason of respect and mutual trust. Taking one thing at a time!


Ms. Karen


At Beyond Montessori, my goal is to make the children feel welcomed, as if it was their own home, but also keeping the families in mind by representing this wonderful program we have here!

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