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Universal Education


Practical Life (生活應用區)

Practical Life is the first step of many for a child when they start their education at Beyond Montessori Preschool. This is the quintessential threshold serving a child’s journey by acquiring manners through social interactions as well as building friendships, which enable a child to act independently while increasing their adaptability.

Through Practical Life, the children are guided through “work” that awakens self-development with an approach toward the environment that is respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable of how to live day by day. These skills and activities prepare young children to face life’s next challenges. Some of these activities include cooking, sweeping, transferring liquids from one container to another, buttoning, etc.

Beyond Montessori Preschool makes the commitment to provide the real-life curriculum that a young child needs. This commitment is extended further by incorporating the green concept and have children of all ages, from toddler to pre-kindergarten, participate in cooking and repurposing items with the staff; this is when creativity happens.

Sensorial (感官區)

Sensorial is all about what you see, hear, touch, feel, and smell that makes the world come alive and embodies a spirit of growth within a child. The core of the sensorial area is the educator assisting a child in knowledge and concept by describing everything around us with clear, descriptive language. A young child that “works” in the Sensorial area is able to gather a sense of connection between themselves and the world.

Beyond Montessori Preschool provides Montessori materials by repurposing objects. This method coincides with our green objective.

For example, our educators will gather the children and a garment to see if it could be made into another style. The children learn that an item can begin as one thing and end as another. The same is true when we complete cooking projects.

Mathematics (數學區)

The math curriculum is accomplished through an impeccable series of materials consisting of coded colors and sensorial items that aid in self-directed, and hands-on learning. The children, through proper use of the materials, are introduced and begin to master addition, subtraction, and other retainable math skills.

Beyond Montessori has spent many years developing a learning system that combines all-natural Montessori math materials along with repurposed items and counting aids in English, Mandarin, and Spanish. 

Language (語言區)

Our language curriculum includes everything from vocabulary development to writing and reading. Through multiple language arts activities, a child will learn in English, Mandarin, and Spanish, the alphabet, phonetic sounds, reading, writing, high-frequency sight words, phonograms, and blends. Our Montessori educators will also involve the child in public speaking and reciting poetry. 

Montessori language materials are designed to introduce language development for children at differing levels. We enrich a young child’s literacy abilities, thus laying the groundwork for a promising future.

Beyond Montessori Preschool creates a rich multi-lingual experience built on the fragments of other cultures that are merged and form the dimensional possibilities for each unique child.

Culture Geography (文化區)

This includes studies of the world and other cultures through photographs, molds, globes, flags, and puzzles. All children achieve an early understanding of the concepts of continent, country, state, land, water, and the names of many countries of the world. When we see beautiful cultural differences, we see the world as reflecting by said differences.

Beyond Montessori Preschool embraces cultural literacy and activities that widen a young child's horizons. Many family events are planned throughout the year to bring our various cultures together.

Music & Movement (音樂與律動)

Happiness can be displayed through many different expressions. Not only through the use of music and dancing but the movement that is good for your body and soul as well.

Beyond Montessori Preschool offers diverse ways to appreciate music by introducing music history through stories, songs, and the hands-on use of instruments. Our wide selection of instruments from many lands allows the children to build their cultural respect.

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