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Our Green Mission

At Beyond Montessori Immersion Preschool, we are constantly working with our students to encourage recycling and not be wasteful with our resources. This green mission is a continuation of another preschool that our founder established back in 2000. We believe that this is a very important project for us personally at our schools since everyone plays a role in the future of our planet. Our mission is to offer classicism and a hands-on approach to educate children.

In order to impact our children with a global sense, we must start by making changes within our own small communities and ourselves. We provide recycling bins in our classrooms and reuse materials for craft activities. By doing so, we will push the boundaries of the imprint humans can make on the world and make a greater impact on the improvements that can be made on our future. 


The Ways We Accomplish This:

A. Use recycled materials to create crafts that combine the lesson plan.

Our specially developed curriculum focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials whenever possible. We do this by cleaning and retaining plastic milk jugs, cardboard containers, plastic cups, cardboard paper towel tubes, and even clothing that our children have grown out of. 

B. Composting any food scraps into the garden project.

We take part in growing a garden where we compost, plant, harvest, and learn about nature, and care for our environment.

Children will be encouraged to compost their unused food materials and all items that can be recycled. Additionally, there will be wine barrel planters that allow levels and depth for the children to be closer and more hands-on with nature.

Take The First Step – Learn How To Create Compost With Your Children 

Organic Carrots
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