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Proudly serving Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, CA areas


The Region's Leading Montessori Preschool

Beyond Montessori School, a language immersion program in, Chinese and English immersion, also including Spanish classes. We are located in Dublin, Ca.

An extension of our founder's previous school (also a bilingual immersion preschool). We offer a multicultural program that has been striving for a revolutionary linguistic emphasis to enhance its unique educational philosophy. Since 2000, the previous school has been operated by two teachers of vastly different cultural backgrounds. That being said, each teacher has undergone Montessori training and shares the same vision: to provide a multicultural preschool program that includes multi-language immersion.

The two were not alike in their cultural background, but they hold the same vision and merged a Chinese and English cultural literacy program after finishing their Montessori training. Though they started with no preschool students, these two feverish spirits were ready to open and extend their vision to Fremont families with young children. 

Within a short period of time, this multilingual preschool program blossomed and nourished the families and children they served. Less than two years passed, and they opened another Fremont location that continues the same educational pattern. Through the years, these two locations grew in cultural literacy and reached a mature state. As time went on, Spanish was added to the thriving bilingual program, enhancing the flavor of this multicultural environment.


At Beyond Montessori School, we aim to provide the most exceptional education experience for your child. Our school and its curriculum have roots from over a decade ago. All circle time includes unique cultural enrichment activities to immerse our students in Mandarin, English, and Spanish. Additionally, some teaching supplies are specially created by our own staff to supplement the children’s learning experience.


For an authentic language learning experience, we prepare reading and writing materials that are from Mandarin and Spanish-speaking countries. We believe that these activities will give our students a sense of how native speakers live their lives. For more information, contact us today!


We proudly provide service to the Tri-Valley, CA areas.

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