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Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him the light which is intelligence. 
- Maria Montessori

Review what you have learned and learning anew, you are fit to be a teacher.
Always learn from each other; choose the good, and change the bad.
- Confucius

Immersion Language with Skill Advancement and Cultural Enrichment

Balance and Harmony
Awaken a green concept to think creatively.
Better prepare children to value multiculturalism.
Community of children inspired by respect.
Discover languages through whole child education.

Montessori Preschool San Ramon,CA
Beyond Montessori – Educators

My name is Pat. I graduated from the University of Singapore in 1977 with a B.A. in Arts and Social Sciences. Then in 1978, I obtained my Diploma in Education from the Institute of Education, also in Singapore. Thus, began my career as an educator with 15 and 16 years old adolescents; I was a Language Arts and Literature teacher for 7 years in Singapore before I did my Montessori training in London in 1985.

Preparing students for examinations was stressful; I wanted to create an environment of self-discovery. It was then that I realized that I had to work with younger children if I was looking for an alternative to such a competitive system of education. My search led me to Dr. Maria Montessori, an educator and reformer. Her child-centered approach to learning which encouraged independence and responsibility of self and environment convinced me of my calling to work with preschoolers. 

Together with 6 mothers and their children, in 1991, I started a Montessori class in my apartment for my 2½ years old daughter. This marked the beginning of P&J (Pat & Julie) Kindergarten, a Montessori school that I founded with a friend. It was a time of hard work, but filled with immense satisfaction. I directed the school until 1997 then moved to California. P&J still continues in Singapore under the guidance of Julie.

In 2002, I continued my Montessori career with the Montessori School of Fremont. The experience enriched me as an educator and as a person. Today, I am here with Beyond Montessori continuing my education with the children, immersed in languages and promoting a green environment.

My many years in education (more than 30, with at least 15 in a Montessori environment) leave me with this conviction:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” - Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Or as I say to the children, “learn to read then read to learn.”

Education is lifelong, and Maria Montessori understood that. As a reformer, her scientific pedagogy took learning to a whole new level: guiding a child to growth and development through daily observations of how the child naturally learns. She designed materials with a control of error to help children in their discoveries as they learned. With a carefully prepared environment of practical life exercises, grace and courtesy, sensorial, math, language, cultural studies and peace education, she was and is an advocate of Respect of Self and Respect for our Environment at an early age. All this is close to my heart!

Ms. Pat C.


My name is Michelle. I have been working at Beyond Montessori since 2015. I have been working with young children since I received my ECD degree in 2009. Teaching children is my passion. I believe children need the assurance of being loved and cared while they are enjoying an educational environment. Security and trust are very important components as well; I work with this good in my relationship with each child. Moreover, to reach each child with their uniqueness with different interests, backgrounds, and developmental stages are equally important.

I love to work at Beyond Montessori, because of the clean, peaceful environments, language immersion, and green practice. It is a challenge, fun and yet fulfilling work to do! Learning other languages can be challenge and fun too. We, as teachers should choose the finest literature, songs, poems, and rhymes to help our children interested in literacy. Language can be very powerful to inspire our children; to love using language it to grow into influential writers and thinkers. That is my wish at Beyond Montessori.

Beyond Montessori’s curriculum provides me with the chance to help the children to be well-rounded in their education. I also find my personal goal working at Beyond Montessori, to become a professional educator. Furthermore, taking the management position continues my journey in this realm. I am looking forward to helping the children, families and staff to develop and blossom at Beyond Montessori.   

Ms. Michelle Z.


My name is Ana Maria. I was born and raised in Colombia, where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Industrial Engineering from The Pontificia Javeriana University. In 2003 I moved to Southern California and I took all the ESL courses at Cypress College. During my stay in Southern California I worked for about 2 years in a private preschool. I really enjoyed that experience and since that time I developed the passion to works with kids.  

Later, I got married and I moved out to the Bay area due to my husband work relocation. When I had my first kid I decided to become a full time mom. Actually, I am living in Dublin with my husband and my 2 beautiful kids; they are 7 and 3 years old. During the past 3 years I have been a Spanish tutor on my own.

At this time, I am working on my Early Childhood Development courses at Las Positas College. I am very happy to be part of the Spanish department at Beyond Montessori and I will put my best effort and experience to help the kids learning Spanish as a second language.   

Ms. Ana D.


I was born and raised in a small beach town near Half Moon Bay California my family moved there from Ireland when I was young. I now live in Livermore with my boyfriend and our dog Bailee.  

The prosperity of my community and the people around me has always been important to me. My family is very active in many charitable organizations all over the country. As for myself, I am the captain of a Relay for Life team, broadening the education and awareness multiple cancer societies. I have helped raised thousands of dollars for underprivileged children along the coast and throughout the world. I also participate in an out of the darkness walk in San Francisco every year. Being active in these Charities has opened my eyes to the need for services for children around the world and in my own classroom. When we teach our children compassion, respect, love and kindness it can help them make the right decisions when the time comes. I plan a volunteer vacation every year and hope to own my own center one day when I finish my Bachelor's in small businesses management. I have studied art and have a degree in music. Integrating these skills in a classroom can broaden many different learning domains and can help inspire a child to be more creative. I like to take something from every style of learning I have experienced to help make me a better-rounded teacher for the children in my life and in my classroom. I have been an assistant director, curriculum director, lead teacher and an activities coordinator. Having positive relationships with the parents, fellow teachers and seeing the students learn and grow are all very valuable to me. There's no better way to benefit Society then to teach, I can't wait for the opportunity to ensure success in the next generation of young students. 

Ms. Lerin M.


My name is Wenxia. I was born in Jinan, China and have been in the United States for about 12 years. I currently live in San Ramon with my husband and two lovely daughters. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Administrative Study from the University of South Dakota. I took three Early Childhood Education courses and worked as an assistant teacher in another preschool for about a year. I am really excited to be a part of the Beyond Montessori family. I look forward to helping your child explore the beautiful Chinese language.

Ms. Wenxia X.


Hi, my name is Kaylie Otsuka and I have recently graduated from CSU East Bay Hayward with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, and a minor in Human Development. I have always had an intrinsic passion for helping others, especially through the scope of enhancing current educational modalities. Growing up in an area where academics were a means of survival, I learned quickly that the only way to better my situation was to continue, and never stop my educational journey. This decision was especially hard despite my peer influences, yet I was determined to be the change that I wanted to see in my local community. 

I first began babysitting at the age of 9, where I discovered my internal desire and satisfaction to nurture children without expectation of reciprocity. By the age of 15, I had dedicated over 200 volunteer hours to my elementary school, working closely with my favorite and most supportive of educators. By the time I was accepted to college as an undeclared student, it was only upon reflecting with my fifth grade teacher about his personal morals, ethics, and life values, that I was able to come to a life-altering career decision. His selfless passion for providing students a safe, encouraging, and positive environment, had directly contributed to each student’s individualized growth, quality of life, essentially replacing limitation with expectation of their own capacity. After learning that our life values and interests had paralleled, I then felt sure of my desire to pursue a career in academia. It was only then that I had realized helping others grow is reciprocity in itself, increasing my own self-awareness and adaptability. My life goal is to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to excel academically, physically, emotionally, and cognitively, by establishing resources otherwise unavailable to them. I am committed to helping others express themselves by encouraging the developmental process, under the wing of academic excellence. In the words of John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Ms. Kaylie O.

About Our Founder

When I was asked to write a biography, I thought to myself, “What would be different had I written this 5 to 10 years ago?” I seriously mulled this over and I realized that I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Today’s Beyond Montessori School came from my personal growth as a person, and my experiences at previous Montessori schools that I have been working as a teacher to be in management. I learned a great deal when I was a little child; I spent lots of time running in the crop fields, playing in the river, and catching shrimp to eat when we were hungry. Sometimes, I picked black berries to feed myself or I dug sweet, organic yams out from the dirt. This was a wonderful village life in my childhood: the mountain, the river, trees, stone, woods, simple homes, and singing crickets were my natural sanctuary. Catching tadpoles in the river, watching the tadpoles turn into frogs were one of my favorite pastimes. There was very little money to spend on toys. Children used bamboo or tree branches to make all kind of toys. Our community always worked together, despite various age ranges, and patiently waited to take turns and play in the village.

My parents were very busy at work. My father was a teacher and my mother owned a grocery store and styled hair in the small village. Later, we moved to another town where my father continued to teach at an elementary school. My father volunteered to create and teach a classroom for Special Needs children. He is a very talented man. He can play the piano, harmonica, guitar, and the Chinese flute, and, he’s very athletic. On top of all this, he has a truly great green thumb. He often plants vegetables and Japanese Bonsai. I can’t think of anything that he can’t do. On a very special occasion, he took a young boy into our own home whose family could not give him proper care. For a period of time, my father supported his family and the boy’s education.

Decades later, I became a Montessorian, an early childhood educator. I don’t think this was a coincidence. During my training in 2000, it was fascinating that the methodology and education content were so well rounded and systematic. With this foundation in mind, I obtained a certificate and started my family daycare in 2002. During this journey, I thought profoundly and philosophically about what children need today to have a successful future. As I continued on my educational path, many elements of my past life gave me great insight into the development of my program. A few of these were: my childhood spent in nature, my father who was a wonderful role model as an educator, my Montessori training, my colleagues, my families, and my experiences working with children. Mainly, I love to share what I know, keep learning, and gain more wisdom.

The Montessori system is a great engineer of early childhood learning. It is divided into learning disciplines. Maria Montessori’s Practical Life helps young children become independent at an early age, and I found and collaborate it with Confucius’s philosophy in the school; I continue to introduce Chinese culture and share with others to advocate the beauty of Confucian Scholar – 儒. As a teacher, I am meant to share the most core part to the world not just knowledge but all of the best!

The Montessori Method also contains training of the senses, arithmetic, language, culture, music, and movement. In the modern world, we emphasize that the “whole child” life journey starts with a well-rounded curriculum. Then they reach balance and harmony from language immersion learning!

Ms. Sophia


教職宣言 – 


中文的世界不儘是語言、古文國,它意味著中國的過去與未來。英文的世界不儘是英語,它是工業革命與電腦時代進化的象徵,拉丁文不儘是拉丁語、它意味著濃烈民情的人文色彩。必揚蒙特梭利以北美視野觀點、並以中國人文觀繼續以學習的精神並擴攬拉丁人文來融合、拉近世界疆界;並且幼童在必揚蒙特梭利可透過學習語言、文化、及其他課外活動課程,借此不同類型的活動經驗可進化提升幼兒視野進而拓達其思維得以創造未來的無限可能性 – 給未來的一代最有潛力和希望的開始


勵行人文精神的課程活動而努力早已枝葉繁茂,有無數卓越幼兒來自不同文化背景在必揚蒙特梭利學習後成就非凡;凡舉參加北加卅中文演講比賽得第一名、亦或在學校己習得閱讀中文、英文、西班牙文的技能、亦或學習進級、比比皆是! 必揚蒙特梭利其著眼點建立於承傳的教育精華理念“綠色概念”於是乎形成,透過團隊誘導學習、以身作則並在日常課堂生活中利用〝再回收〞物品,經由課堂中示範整合不同的再回收物品手工〝創意〞即產生並為所研發富予了物品新的詮譯創意思維;借此老師與幼童一對一肩並肩一起製作完成並且一起成長;轉軸互動中、幼童創意思維和老師之間其依附信任感及至情至深的情感於是乎自然的形成,且為幼童確立自信自立不間斷地提升心靈學習旅程作為開端。成長的喜悦是教育美學的另一端努力所得的絢爛彩虹。

經歷數年認真與誠摯地在教職旅程中,我經歷摸索、遠見、 融合了實驗並在步步間伐中以學習為根,以幼兒碩果為榮、不放棄幼兒及對幼兒保有深刻信念為葉翼,終究驗証幼兒有量大無限能力是一件無庸置疑的事實。幼兒教育不該局限於小格局, 應該要闊斧前瞻給深而廣的課程透過教師深入簡出活潑生動教學互動讓幼兒遨翔其中使其生命充盈而多彩。

翶翔教育領空多年後, 在赤裸裸無預警地劃過敎職的天空在透過同儕們彼此貢獻,也在相互學習中碰撞多元文化與人文融乳的火花產生新的認知與激情, 赤裸裸地劃過敎職的天空見證幼童可追溯的卓越成果亦令人感動而抑不可止!這樣地光景不是嵌在人生的黃樑一夢而已,它是對幼童人文教育破斧成舟的信念爾後水到渠成的路端。我誠摯敬邀身則父母們駐進必揚蒙特梭利和我們一起踏實為幼童為善的希望、未來作學習準備。如果您和我一樣相信幼童的潛能,那麼誠摯邀請大家一起來為光彩未來的種子一起努力。

Ms. Sophia



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